DoubleTop Solutions have extensive experience in the support of Enterprise Business Processes for clients in the UK, Germany, and the Benelux.  Our expertise in the mainframe, mini, PC and networking areas covers the last 30 years of Information Technology.  Utilizing the experience of the past with the technology and innovation of today we can truly provide exceptional solutions.

We provide consultancy and sell software products to help companies to achieve their goals.

Currently we are re-sellers of ContentKeeper and marketing partners for XempleX.
A web filtering product with unique features and a number of patents.  Use ContentKeeper to protect you company from malicious sites, potential lawsuits or employee time wasting.  You may have heard and be aware of other products but we respectfully suggest that unless you have investigated the full features of ContentKeeper, you are missing out.
A truly exclusive product to enable modeling of Enterprise Business Processes.  One of it's many uses is to replace the many Excel macros in use in companies. 

Replacing the uncontrolled proliferation of macros with XempleX allows enhanced control and management of processes.

It is widely accepted that 90% of Excel macros have errors in them.  Often critical business decisions are being taken based of the output of incorrect macros. 

XempleX allows companies to replace macros with visual code that effortlessly documents and displays the business processes.

This web site will be developed over the coming weeks to provide more details and help you investigate our services and products.

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